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How to Cook Appetizing Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk

Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk ~ currently is being sought after by many Buddy around us, one of them is you. they indeed have get used to use internet on ponsel to find information to be used idea. Therefore Admin give Information about Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk is can our make it inspiration. Now, with this Honey Walnut Tofu Cream Cheese, I can relive those days in a healthier way. Honey walnut cream cheese was a staple component of my diet senior year. Caramelized, buttery, toasted pecans and sea salt.

Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk

Try adding your favorite flavorings to the dough.

Heat the oil in a small sauté pan and sear the tofu until coloured on both sides.

Pop a lid on and keep it warm.

we able to cook Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk using tools 7 ingredient 13 step. the following step by step for make it.

The composition for cooking Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk

  1. Also add 200 grams Silken tofu.
  2. You need to prepare 200 grams Bread flour.
  3. Buddy also needs 1 tsp Dry yeast.
  4. capable need to provide 1 tbsp Honey.
  5. capable need to provide 2 tbsp Skim milk powder.
  6. Please prepare 1 tsp Salt.
  7. Also add 1 tbsp Honey or Sugar for boiling.

Stir together the nut butter, lime juice if using, and sriracha sauce.

Set aside; Lightly toast the bagel; Spread half of the spicy nut butter on one half of each bagel and top with the tofu strips, vegetables and seeds.

Basic bagels are vegan and made from flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, and sometimes vegetable shortening.

Still, some include non-vegan ingredients, such as eggs, milk, honey, or L-cysteine.

The Step by step how to make Tofu Bagels with Honey & Milk

  1. Press the tofu to drain out the excess water for about 30 minutes. Just leave it to drain because you don’t have to be careful about it..

  2. In a bowl, add in everything from the flour down to the salt and have it on standby. (Keep the salt and yeast separated.) Pour in the yeast and then the tofu that’s been warmed up a bit in the microwave!.

  3. Knead with your hands using the natural heat from it. (It should take about 10 minutes.) When you are done kneading it by hand, cover it with a tightly wrung out damp towel and then let the dough rest for 10-15 minutes..

  4. While you are waiting, start to preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C). Then in a frying pan, add in the honey and then boil in plenty of water..

  5. Next take the dough and divide it then form the dough into bagel shapes. This time you can make it into heart shapes or the standard round shape. Let each side of the dough sit in the boiling water for 30 seconds and then bake it for 15-17 minutes and it’s done!.

  6. ◇How to make the heart shape◇ I divided the dough into three portions and rolled out the dough slightly with a rolling pin..

  7. While leaving just the top uncut, cut most of the dough in half with a kitchen knife..

  8. Bring the two cut ends together and seal the seam tightly..

  9. Now form the dough into a heart shape..

  10. Anyway, I guess you could say that “closing the seam nice and tightly” is the ultimate rule of making these tofu bagels. If it expands and loses the heart shape it’s a little depressing, so don’t fail to close the seam tightly..

  11. I baked these. Two heart shaped ones and one regular one..

  12. This regular tofu bagel had a heart-shaped hole in the center! Check it out for tips..

  13. I made them with matcha too! Check out..

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