Recipe: Appetizing Anjeer (fig) ki firani_5f76f8372e65d.jpeg

Recipe: Appetizing Anjeer (fig) ki firani

Anjeer (fig) ki firani ~ how many times is being sought after by many user around us, one of them is you. they indeed have get used to to take advantage of internet on smartphone to looking for information to be used inspiration. Therefore We give Information about Anjeer (fig) ki firani is could we make it inspiration. See great recipes for Anjeer Badam Milkshake, Fig anjeer and semolina halwa too! See great recipes for Anjeer (fig) ki firani too! अंजीर की खेती की पूरी जानकारी Fig Farming in India #अंजीर_की_खेती #anjeer #fig_farming #figfarming.

Anjeer (fig) ki firani

Fig tree caring tips Anjeer ki plant In this video you can learn how to care of fig tree How to fertilizer fig plant and watering. soil.

Fig tree cutting growing all about fig tree Fig. अंजीर के फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – All About Figs (Anjeer) in Hindi.

Anjeer (Fig) Ki Thandi ya Garam Taseer (Mazaaj) Hot/Cold Effect of Figs Health Benefits, Herbal Benefits, Nutrients & Dosage in Urdu By Hakeem Prof.

my Buddy can cook Anjeer (fig) ki firani using tools 9 ingredient 6 step. this is it the steps for cook it.

The spices for cooking Anjeer (fig) ki firani

  1. You need to prepare 12 a fig nose soak in lukewarm milk for 2 hours.
  2. capable need to provide too 8 dates soak in luckwarm milk for 2 hours.
  3. capable need to provide 20 cashew nut soak in milk 1 hours.
  4. Buddy also needs 1 tbsp condensed milk.
  5. capable need to provide too 20 raisins.
  6. Also add 1 tbsp finely chopped mix dry fruit (almond, pistachio).
  7. capable need to provide too 2 tsp pure ghee.
  8. capable need to provide 1/2 tsp green cardamom powder.
  9. You need to prepare 400 grams milk.

Anjeer ki kheti, fig cultivation in india – अंजीर परिवार मोरासी के अंतर्गत आता है और यह पश्चिमी एशिया में इसकी खेती या बागवनी की जाती है। Fig (anjeer) ईरान, पाकिस्तान, ग्रीस और उत्तरी.

Anjeer Bawaseer key liye faidaah mand hai chun keh is mein citrus acid, Acidic acid aur milk acid ki bhi moqdar mojood hoti hai is liye hazmah mein mufeed sabit hoti hai.

Here’s how they help you stay healthy Anjeer ki barfi -A healthy and delicious sugar free fig and dry fruit barfi Diwali preparations are almost done in every house now and all the sweets and savory are made and stocked in the kitchen.

But still there are many who are planning to make something easy and quick.

The Instructions how to cook Anjeer (fig) ki firani

  1. Firstly in a small jar add soaked cashew nuts blend it without milk or water now remove in a bowl..

  2. Again in a jar add soaked dates, fig 2tbsp milk blend it make a fine puree..

  3. Heat the wok with ghee add cashew nut paste saute till it becomes crumbly texture and get nice aroma add fig paste..

  4. Now mix it properly on lower flame when moisture soaks up keep stirring..

  5. Now add milk, green cardamom powder, mix it well give a good boil add condensed milk, raisins stir occasionally cook for 5 mins on lower flame now turn off the flame..

  6. Now remove it serving bowl and garnish with some chopped mix dry fruits..

Anjeer ke Poshak Tatva – अंजीर के गुण और लाभ.

Common Fig Benefits: Anya Fayde Inhe Bhi Jane.

Bhige hue anjeer ko subah khali pet khane se bawasir dur hoti hai.

Sirke mai anjeer ke ped ki chhaal ki bhasm banakar sar par lep karne se sar ka dard thik ho jata hai.

Anjeer ka adhik matra mai sevan karne se sharir shaktishali hota hai aur manushya ki kshamata badhti hai.

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