Recipe: Delicious Mango Muesli Smoothie_5f78522bdaf43.jpeg

Recipe: Delicious Mango Muesli Smoothie

Mango Muesli Smoothie ~ how many times is being sought after by many user around us, one of them is Buddy. they indeed have get used to to take advantage of internet on gadget to looking for information to be used idea. Therefore Our give Information related Mango Muesli Smoothie is can my Buddy make it insight. So today, I am sharing a tropical fruit smoothie that I am currently obsessed with. Give it a good whisk, until thoroughly combined. Stir the chia seeds and coconut milk together in a small bowl.

Mango Muesli Smoothie

Mango marmalade seemed like a good idea. “Muesli in a smoothie?

That’s silly mommy!” I love that Kenya instinctively knew that this recipe was an unlikely combination, but since he loves muesli and smoothies, he was game to try it.

Muesli, is a breakfast cereal made from rolled oats, fruit and nuts, and lately, Kenya has been eating it twice a week for breakfast.

we able to cook Mango Muesli Smoothie to take advantage of 5 ingredient 7 step. the following Your way for make it.

The ingredients and seasoningsu for cooking Mango Muesli Smoothie

  1. Please prepare 1 Mango.
  2. Please prepare 1 greek yoghurt pack(or simple yoghurt ).
  3. capable need to provide 2 tbsp muesli (with nuts and figs).
  4. capable need to provide 1 Tsp soaked chia seeds.
  5. capable need to provide 1 cup milk.

Since I always top it with either milk or yogurt, I thought why not.

Muesli gives this smoothie a rich toasted taste.

With a first taste of sesame, followed by the sharpness of romaine lettuce, you are left with a pleasant sweet lingering taste from this green thickie.

Mango Chia Seeds Smoothie Topped with Muesli Recipe is a simple comforting breakfast to be had which will fill you generously and kick starts your day with an energetic start.

The Instructions how to make Mango Muesli Smoothie

  1. In a blender jar, add chopped pieces of Mangoes..

  2. Now add muesli to it. Prefer adding muesli with nuts and figs in it for extra healthy bunch..

  3. Now add soaked chia seeds to it. Best to soak it overnight else minimum 1 hour soaking is required..

  4. Now to bring the flavours together, add a small pack of greek yoghurt if you are health freak else normal yoghurt you can add. Make sure it isn’t flavoured except Mango flavour..

  5. Now lastly add Chilled milk to it for consistency check. Add in as per desired consistency of smoothie..

  6. Now blend everything together in a blender jar until smooth..

  7. Add Honey as sweetner if required..

Creamy mango muesli with chia seeds bites and topped with some crunchy muesli grains is the best compliment for each other.

This one bowl will feed you with enough protein, dietary fibers, vitamins and potassium needed.

Muesliikon Green Café is a beautiful ARIZONA family owned café that provides high quality premium Nutrient-Dense Specialty Smoothies you have never tasted before.

This nutritious, satisfying and delicious twist on cereal is easy to make and filling – the avocado that is added in this smoothie bowl gives it a creamy texture that nothing else can.

Combine muesli ingredients: In a large mixing bowl, combine oats, coconut, pepitas, almonds, salt, cinnamon and ginger.

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