Recipe: Delicious NAAN_KHATAI_61ebe9cfc84c1.jpeg

Recipe: Delicious NAAN_KHATAI

NAAN_KHATAI ~ how many times is being sought after by many user around us, one of them is you. they indeed have get used to to take advantage of internet on ponsel to find information to be used insight. Therefore I give Information related NAAN_KHATAI is can my Buddy make it idea. Nankhatai (Hindi: नानख़ताई, Urdu: نان خطائی‎) are shortbread biscuits, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in Northern India and Pakistan. Page transparencySee more. and topped with choice of dry fruits. however, there has been myriad variation to it and one of the popular variation is eggless nan khatai cookies recipe. basically baking powder is added as. Lahori Naan Khatai is very famous in desi people.


Nan Khatai, i have been waiting to bake this cookies for a very long time.

And few weeks back, i visited my pregnant friend, so i thought it would be great if i take something homemade for her.

I ordered Naan Khatai for the very first time through Cheetay.

my Buddy able create NAAN_KHATAI using tools 7 ingredient 14 step. the following the steps for make it.

The composition for cooking NAAN_KHATAI

  1. capable need to provide too Plain four…3 cups 💠Baking powder….2 tsp 💠Baking soda…½.
  2. Please prepare 💠Sugar. Pisi hoi…150gm. Ya 1 cup 💠Vanilla esseance… 1 ts.
  3. Please buddy prepare 💠Butter salted…. 175gm ya 3/4 cup.
  4. Please prepare 2 tbs 💠Milk.
  5. capable need to provide too 💠Badam..pisty..kuch Kutt lein.
  6. Also add Khatai par lgane ke liye.
  7. Also add andy ki zardi… 1 💠Vanilla esseAnce kuch drops.

Honestly speaking, it was delivered as promised.

Saying Almonds Khatai but there is no Almonds in his Khatai just Peanuts.

Nankhatai (Khalifa Nan Khatai) (خطائی‎ نان) are crunchy shortbread biscuits very popular in Sub-continent countries India & Pakistan.

Around this time of year (or any time of the year, for that matter), everyone is looking for cookie recipes.

The Instructions how to cook NAAN_KHATAI

  1. 1..Ek bowl. Me sugar.butter.., vanilla esseance dalen….

  2. .or achi trha soft hone thk beat karein.

  3. Ab dosre bowl me baking powder..baking soda or plain flour ko teen bar chan lein ke sb achi trha apas me mix hojae…….

  4. Ab butter ke mixture me ahista ahista mix krti jaen.

  5. Crumbs ki jesa bnajaenga….

  6. Ab isme 2 tbs milk dal kar doug bnalen.ahista ahista soft hat se
    Ek chikna or plain doug bnjae….

  7. Or 10 mnt set hone ko rkhden….

  8. Andy ki zardi me vanila esseance ke drops add karein ke uski smell na eye.

  9. Phr ek size ki balls bana kar darmiyan se finger se ek chota sa garha sa bana dein….

  10. Or andy ki zardi ko halka sa lgaden..
    Or pasnd ho to pisa badam b kut kar darmiyan me rkhen.

  11. Oven ko 180dgree par preheat 10 mnt karein..

  12. 10 se 15 minutes. Baik karein or tyar hone par kisi wire stend par rkhden ehtiyat se.

  13. 🌱12…thanda hone tak.

  14. Kisi airtight jaar me rkhen werna soft hojaengy………kisi airtight jaar me rkhen werna soft hojaengy……….

Here is a Nan Khatai (Indian Tea or Coffee biscuits) recipe.

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Naan is Hindi for bread, she explains, while khatai is Persian and means six for this cookie’s original.

Naan Khatai Recipe, How To Make Naan Khatai Recipe.

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