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Recipe: Tasty Dates and Figs Pudding

Dates and Figs Pudding ~ at the moment is being sought after by many user around us, one of them is Buddy. they indeed have get used to use internet on ponsel to looking for information to be used idea. Therefore Admin give Information related Dates and Figs Pudding is can my Buddy make it example. Add dry ingredients to figs and mix. Add the margarine, flours, baking powder, eggs and breadcrumbs to the fruit mixture. Figgy Pudding, a traditional dessert for Christmas celebrations is more like a cake than a pudding.

Dates and Figs Pudding

How to Make Date and fig pudding.

Grease a microwave-safe dish with softened butter.

Mash the dates and figs with a fork.

you could cook Dates and Figs Pudding to take advantage of 6 ingredient 14 step. the following step by step for cook it.

The ingredients and seasoningsu for cooking Dates and Figs Pudding

  1. capable need to provide too 100 gm soft dates.
  2. capable need to provide too 70 grams soft dried figs.
  3. Please prepare 120 mili litre milk.
  4. Please prepare 2 teaspoon gelatin/equal amount of China grass.
  5. capable need to provide 50 grams mixed nuts.
  6. Please prepare as needed Water.

Add and stir the soda bicarb until it foams.

Add vanilla essence and sugar, mix well.

Super easy and moist Date and Fig cake!

That same bacon can be wrapped around whole figs for the Bacon Wrapped Figs, garnished with toasted pecans, or the Bacon-Wrapped Bourbon Figs.

The Step by step how to cooking Dates and Figs Pudding

  1. Deseed and chop the dates. chop the figs in smaller pieces.

  2. Soak them in warm water covered, for 15-20 minutes until they soften.

  3. Lightly toast and powder the nuts fine.

  4. Dissolve the gelatin in a bowl of warm water(use only 6-8 tablespoon of water).

  5. Heat the milk in a heavy bottom saucepan and let it come to a boil slowly.

  6. Meanwhile strain purée the dates, figs(If needed use very little water used for soaking).

  7. As the milk comes to a boil, reduce heat and add the dates-fig purée and mix well.

  8. Continue to cook on Low heat as the milk thickens.

  9. After about 5-7 minutes, add the gelatin mixture and mixed nuts..

  10. Combine well and keep cooking for another 7-10 minutes, as the milk reduces and thickens further.

  11. Take off heat and pour the mixture into containers/moulds you would want to set the pudding into.

  12. Let cool completely. Close the lids and refrigerate for 2-3 hours for the pudding to set.

  13. Transfer onto serving bowls by inverting the mould.

  14. Toddlers/even slightly grown up kids can enjoy the pudding chilled, while babies can be fed at room temperature.

For something hearty, enjoy the Fig-and-Balsamic Glazed Quail, or pare your palate back with a simple recipe for Pancetta-and-Fig Pasta.

Finally, there’s the fizz: the Fig-and-Bourbon Fizz, to be exact.

Supercook clearly lists the ingredients each recipe uses, so you can find the perfect recipe quickly!.

Fig and date pudding with butterscotch sauce.

It uses fig, cream, egg, bicarbonate of soda, flour, butter, brown sugar, tea, date How to make Sticky Date (Fig) & Walnut Pudding Recipe with Toffee Sauce.

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