Recipe: Tasty Japanese Big Sushi Roll_61ebea889313a.jpeg

Recipe: Tasty Japanese Big Sushi Roll

Japanese Big Sushi Roll ~ currently is being sought after by many commpany around us, one of them is Our. They already are get used to use internet on ponsel to get information to be used idea. Therefore Our give Information related Japanese Big Sushi Roll is can we make it example.

Japanese Big Sushi Roll

you able to cook Japanese Big Sushi Roll using tools 10 ingredient 10 step. this is it step by step for make it.

The ingredients for cooking Japanese Big Sushi Roll

  1. Buddy also needs 2 bowls cooked rice.
  2. You need to prepare Sushi powder or vinegar2 +sugar1+salt (to taste)mixture.
  3. Please buddy prepare 1 egg fried.
  4. capable need to provide Fish Sashimi (Maguro tuna, salmon, octopus, fish egg).
  5. You need Cucumber.
  6. You need to prepare Shiitake mushrooms.
  7. capable need to provide Carrot.
  8. Please buddy prepare Green onion.
  9. You need to prepare Teriyaki eel.
  10. Also add 2 sheets Nori dried seaweed.

The Instructions how to cooking Japanese Big Sushi Roll

  1. Shred carrot and soaked dried mushrooms and cook with vinegar, salt, water and sugar..

  2. Today I prepared 10 kinds of vegetables and fish..

  3. Make Sushi rice and cool..

  4. Stick 2 sheets of dried Nori seaweed with rice.

  5. Put rice on it.

  6. Place all ingredients like this.

  7. Roll tightly from the bottom.

  8. Stick the end with rice.

  9. Cut with sharp knife. Please clean the knife every time..

  10. Garnish with salty fish egg..

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