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Recipe: Tasty Palak or gajar ka soup

Palak or gajar ka soup ~ currently is being sought after by many community around us, one of them is you. they indeed have get used to use internet on smartphone to get information to be used inspiration. Therefore I give Information around Palak or gajar ka soup is could you make it idea. Palak soup recipe with step by step photos and video. Here is one easy and tasty low-calorie Spinach soup recipe. The palak soup can be served plain or with some crusty bread or even as a starter.

Palak or gajar ka soup

Palak Aur Gajar Urdu Recipe, Step by step instructions of the recipe in Urdu and English, easy ingredients, calories, preparation time, serving and videos in Urdu cooking.

The recipie is listed in vegetable Dishes.

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our able cook Palak or gajar ka soup using tools 9 ingredient 10 step. this is it the steps for cook it.

The spices for cooking Palak or gajar ka soup

  1. Please prepare 1 cup gajar.
  2. capable need to provide 1/2 pyaaz kata hua.
  3. You need to prepare 1 chamach adarak kata hua.
  4. capable need to provide too 4 tamater kata hua barek.
  5. You need 1/2 chamach kale mirch pawader.
  6. You need to prepare 2 chamach bater.
  7. Please prepare 2 chamach karonfloor pawder.
  8. You need to prepare Panee aavayshakata anusar.
  9. You need Namak test anusar.

Learn to cook Gajar Aur Anday ka SoupRecipe by chef at Masala TV show.

Check out the Gajar Aur Anday ka Soup Recipe in Urdu.

This mildly-flavoured zero oil Carrot Soup is an ideal start to a light dinner.

Carrots have a large amount of vitamin A, an excellent antioxidant that cleanses your body of free-radicals.

The Step by step how to cook Palak or gajar ka soup

  1. Gager palalk tamater.

  2. Naram hona tak oubala.

  3. Thanda hona par chan la.

  4. Pan ma bater dala.

  5. Kata payag hare mirch adrak dalkar.

  6. Sunahra hona tak saka.

  7. Aadhe sabgi mixi ma barik pees ka dala.

  8. Kale mirch pawader or pane dalkar oubala.

  9. Test anusar namak or kornflor pawder ghol kar ka dala.

  10. Aavyshakta anusar pane dalkar oubala.

Prepared with low-fat milk, this soup features surprisingly low on the calorie meter too.

Made from scratch with spinach and lentils, daal-palak ka shorba soup is yummy and seriously good for you.

Blend the soup by hand or use a food processor to thoroughly blend the mixture until it has a smooth soup-like consistency.

Spoon the soup into large soup cups or bowls.

How to make Palak Aur Gajar Pulao?

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